Link Social App Service

The Link Social App Service encompasses a comprehensive suite of products, features, applications, services, technologies, and software. It is meticulously designed to facilitate meaningful connections with the people and things you cherish.

Fostering a Positive, Inclusive, and Safe Environment

Our commitment extends to fostering a secure, inclusive, and positive environment. This is achieved through the deployment of advanced tools, dedicated resources, and vigilant teams. Measures against abuse, policy violations, and cooperation with law enforcement underscore our dedication to a safe user experience.

Technological Development

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, we meticulously organize, analyze, and enhance our global service. This strategic approach ensures an enriched experience for our diverse and expansive user community.

Connecting You with Brands, Products, and Services

Harnessing data from the Link Social App, Shabkah Link for trading and marketing limited company products, and strategic third-party partnerships, we curate personalized advertisements, offers, and sponsored content. This tailored approach is based on user activities, enhancing relevance and engagement.

Data Policy

To access our service, users must adhere to our Data Policy. This comprehensive policy covers the collection, use, and sharing of information across Shabkah Link for trading and marketing limited company products. Users have control over their information through Privacy and Security Settings in the Link Social App.

Research and Innovation

Information gathered undergoes thorough analysis, fostering continuous improvement in our service. Collaborations with external entities for community betterment underscore our dedication to innovation.

Ensuring a Stable Global Infrastructure

Our commitment to a seamless global service includes the secure storage and transfer of data worldwide, transcending geographical boundaries. This involves infrastructure owned or operated by Shabkah Link for trading and marketing limited company and its affiliates. (Refer to the Data Policy for details).

Your Commitments

Users are required to meet specific commitments to use our service, including age requirements, obtaining guardian consent for minors, compliance with laws, no prior account disablement for policy violations, and no record as a convicted sex offender.

Permissions You Give to Us

By utilizing our service and agreeing to our Terms of Service, users grant essential permissions for seamless service provision. This includes granting a license to use content, permission to use usernames, profile pictures, locations, and information about relationships and actions.

Additional Rights We Retain

Users acknowledge our retention of specific rights, such as the ability to change usernames, content ownership rights, and the requirement of written permission for modifying or extracting source code.

Who Cannot Use Link Social App
  1. Identity and Registration Information:
    • While maintaining anonymity is an option on Link app, it is mandatory to provide accurate and current information during the registration process.
    • Creating an account on behalf of another individual is only permissible if you are their legal guardian or have explicit consent from them.
  2. Purpose of Use
    • Users agree that the sole purpose of registering on the Link app or using its services is to be a participant enjoying the services provided by Link app or its affiliated products.
    • The service must not be used for any unlawful purposes, and users must comply with applicable laws.
  3. Prohibited Activities Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in the following activities:
    • Impersonating others or providing false information.
    • Conducting unlawful, misleading, or fraudulent activities.
    • Violating Link app's Terms of Use, Community Guidelines, Platform Policy, or Music Guidelines.
    • Interfering with or disrupting the intended operation of the service.
  4. Unauthorized Actions Users must refrain from:
    • Attempting to create accounts or access information in unauthorized ways.
    • Buying, selling, or transferring any aspect of their account without express permission.
    • Sharing private or confidential information of others, including intellectual property rights.
  5. Violations of Moral and Religious Conduct
    • Users must not violate generally accepted moral and religious conduct in any jurisdiction.
  6. Objectionable Practices For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the following definitions apply:
    • Corrupt Practice: Involves illegal payments or advantages to influence actions or decisions.
    • Illicit Origin: Refers to any origin that is illicit, criminal, or fraudulent.
    • Obstructive Practice: Deliberately destroying, altering evidence, or intimidating parties to impede assessments.
    • Sanctionable Practice: Involves business activities or transactions with sanctioned entities, individuals, or countries.
  7. Prohibited Content Users are not allowed to:
    • Promote indecency, pornography, or any form of radicalization.
    • Use a domain name or URL in their username without prior written consent from the Link app.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the suspension or termination of accounts. For any inquiries or concerns regarding these guidelines, please contact us at support@imlink.network

Content Removal and Disabling or Terminating Your Account

Acknowledging the authority vested in the service, users understand our right to remove content violating terms or laws. The service may refuse or discontinue service, including terminating accounts, if necessary to protect the community, address risks, enforce terms, or comply with legal obligations.

Our Agreement and What Happens if We Disagree

Users agree to the Terms of Service, incorporating the use of the API subject to the Platform Policy and additional terms for specific features. Unenforceable clauses do not invalidate the agreement; any changes or waivers require written consent, and we retain all rights not explicitly granted.

Who Has Rights Under this Agreement

Users acknowledge that the Terms of Use do not confer rights to third parties. Rights and obligations cannot be transferred without consent, and the service reserves the right to assign rights and obligations to others as necessary.

Responsibility if Something Happens

When utilizing our service, users assume responsibilities related to usernames, intellectual property, trademarks, source code, service availability, user conduct, and content. Various disclaimers and limitations of liability are highlighted to ensure a clear understanding.

Draw Program Liability

Users commit to releasing and holding harmless the Link Social App and related entities from any liability, claims, losses, and damages arising from participation in the Draw Program.

Entry Responsibility and Modification or Termination

The service, not assuming responsibility for entry-related issues, reserves the right to modify or terminate the Draw Program at its discretion.

Updating These Terms

We reserve the right to refine our service and policies. In the event of changes to these Terms of Use, users will be duly notified. Continued use of the service implies agreement with the updated Terms of Use. Users who do not agree have the option to delete their accounts.